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Reasons to attend Bridal Fairs

Wedding planning is complicated and expensive. It is time-consuming especially if you don’t have any idea where to start. Questions such as “How much should I a lot for my wedding?”, “Should I have a grand or intimate wedding?” “Should I go for a rustic theme or should I hire a stylist and many more are all valid questions to consider.

With all these questions and hesitations, attending bridal fairs and expos would give you a lot of input and tick many boxes on your list.

For soon-to-wed couples, attending bridal fairs should be one of the many activities you should be doing, here are the reasons why:

1.  You’ll have a taste of experience with every wedding supplier present at the fair

Bridal fairs are not just organized for soon-to-wed couples but also for wedding vendors, for them to showcase their products and services. Most vendors give out a sample of their products and some provide an experience of their services.

Wedding catering services hold Grand Food Tastings, make-up artists give a make-up session for their clients and other vendors provide free samples of their products to engage most guests aside from the usual audio-visual presentation and traditional flyers.

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2. One-stop-shopping and planning

During a bridal fair, you can see a variety of wedding vendors from wedding dresses up to your preferred honeymoon destination. You’ll see a flock of vendors offering their services.

Most soon-to-wed couples book their suppliers at bridal fairs. In this way, you’ll have more time to do other activities that may or may not concern your wedding anymore.

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3. Be inspired by the latest trends

Wedding suppliers present during bridal fairs always offer the best trends and quality service. This is their way to get their client’s attention and trust.

For example, wedding caterers, provide the best of their dishes and top wedding styling.  They also showcase a list of their top and prime accredited reception venues.

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4. It’s an interactive experience

The main point of attending bridal fairs is not to book as many suppliers as you can, more than that is the experience you can take once you are in the deciding stage of choosing your final wedding suppliers.

For first-timers, it might be really hard to immediately book without even having a chance to see and interact with other vendors. Comparison of the quality, packages and promos is an essential process to take before selecting.

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5. Get exclusive rates and freebies

Exclusive rates and freebies are one of the reasons why soon-to-wed couples attend fairs. These are the things you shouldn’t miss if you want to get products and avail services at their best prices.

The usual freebies and discounts they give include the following:

Free upgrades
discount on the total contract price
Free use of amenities like a bridal car, coffee station
waiving other fees

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For these reasons, you’ll surely make yourself present at upcoming Bridal fairs.

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