When it comes to weddings, booking your venue is an integral part of logistics planning.

More importantly, where you book your venue contributes to the success (or failure) of your event. While garden and beach wedding venues have remained popular and do wonders in playing up a wedding’s overall aesthetic, they are few and far between to find in major metropolitans such as Metro Manila. In this regard, many engaged couples have opted to book their wedding venues in the city for better accessibility and convenience. More importantly, hotel ballrooms, function rooms as well as courtyards are far more versatile when it comes to accommodating different themes and motifs.

Today, Quezon City is one of the cities in Metro Manila that offers a wide range of venues for couples to choose from. Quezon City also has venues that serve as avenues for couples to not only celebrate their big day on their own terms but also set the perfect mood fit to their theme. Most of these wedding venues have streamlined architectures and elegant interiors complemented with comprehensive amenities. In any case, here are some of Quezon City’s best wedding event venues to date