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Get Creative With Your Photo Wall

Whenever there’s a birthday party—or any event, for that matter—guests usually expect or look for a photo wall. Going for the usual chosen backdrops, like a plain colored backdrop, your child’s favorite character, or a monogram of your child’s name are all alright. But if you would like to offer up something different or unforgettable, try one of these ideas out:

Design your own frame. 

Create frames of different shapes and sizes out of cardboard. Make each piece big enough for two or more people to fit in it. Provide paint or markers for them to decorate their own frame, Give them masks and wigs to make it look like they’re in their specially made Snapchat filter.


Create a house of mirrors.

While a bunch of full length mirrors will work, something as simple as creating life size reflective panels out of silver metallic paper will do the trick. Make the “house of mirrors” the size of a standard dressing room, so that around two adults will be able to fit in it.

Recreate your child’s favorite getaway.

Maybe he went crazy over Disneyland, or he loved feeling the sand in between his toes during your first family trip. Whatever the case, create a photo area that recreates not just how his favorite getaway looks like, but will also make your child remember happy memories.

“Catch” cosplayers doing normal stuff!

Sure we’re used to getting our photos taken with superheroes in their fighting stance, or looking all strong and regal. But what makes it a funny and unforgettable photo is when you catch a superhero doing normal stuff, like eating party food, or texting! Ask your party’s cosplayers to go around and get their photos taken with the guests, in the most candid way possible.

Bring the outdoors inside.

Yes, walls filled with succulents or greenery is so rustic and so expected, but what if you make the backdrop a less green, and more cityscapes? Create backdrops of your favorite hangouts within the city—maybe the outside of your home, your child’s favorite park, or a famous Philippine landmark—to serve as a fun background.

Give your guests the red carpet treatment.

Who hasn’t wondered on how it’s like to walk down the red carpet, or to dodge the paparazzi? For most of us, we might never know or experience such a thing. But you can have your guests go through it by literally rolling out the red carpet, hiring a bunch of decked out photographers to call out your guests’ names as they pass by, and to take “paparazzi” shots of them during the party. And it’s all in good fun!

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