How to Do E-Vites for your Child’s Birthday Party

At this day and age, sending e-vites (sometimes even just a text!) is already an acceptable invitation for your guests to receive for your child’s party. Parents are often too strapped for time to send or distribute the invites, so e-vites have become expected and even welcomed, especially for parents or kids who oftentimes misplace or lose their belongings.

If you’re looking into doing e-vites, there are several creative and imaginative ways on doing so. Here’s where you can make almost professional-looking e-vites for free!


The website practically does all the work for you, that you’ll be finished with your invitation in a matter of minutes! Simply choose a design, fill in the necessary information, and click done! There are free evites as well as premium ones that you might want to pay for, but the free ones are oh so cute that you can choose those over the premium ones, anyway!


A smartphone is all you need to create e-vites that you can email or post on Facebook. Choose from a lot of ways to decorate your e-vite, which fonts to use, with free photos and fun doodles to boot! Plus, anything you make from Canva will look clean, classy, and fun!


If your child is into cartoon characters, Punchbowl.com will most likely have his or her favorite in their roster. The evite is easy and straightforward as well. Choose a character, a specific design, and fill in the details of the party as you see your evite coming to life. You can import your contacts from your email provider, then after you set up an account with them, you can send the invitation for free to your guests.


The main goal of the website is to provide classy and pretty evites and to help the environment in the process by lessening the use of paper products. It’s a bit more complicated and detailed that the other websites and apps, but it’s got video tutorials to help you out, plus a little bit of tinkering around for a few minutes can help you get through the decorating process. The catch is, you can only send to 10 people when you’re on trial mode. You can opt to send to more if you wish to sign up and purchase the card.

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