Sutherland Kickoff Party 2020

Sutherland welcomed 2020 with a kickoff party participated by 3000 bona fide company employees happened last January 11 in CDC Parade Grounds Pampanga. The celebration has a theme of “Let’s go island hopping” a beach party like festival, wherein the attire of the guests are also incorporated.

Sutherland is a digital transformation company, being inclined to the work of customer service, valuing customer experience and satisfaction. As they welcome another year of walking through the path leading to success, Sutherland entrusted their huge event to one of the affordable catering services,  Hizon’s Catering.


Event Planning

A meticulously planned and well defined event leads to the success of Sutherland 2020 kickoff party. With an initial head count of 3000, ten two way buffet set up makes the food more accessible to everyone. Setting up more than 300 tables to accommodate everyone, along with the food served during the event were in variation, steamed rice, for the pasta, Spaghetti with Chicken Oriental Sauce, for the main course Spicy Basil Chicken and Fish Fillet Al Cartocio for the sweet tooth, desserts were also readily available such as Revel bar and Carrot cake.

(Photo 1) Revel bar and carrot cake prepared few minutes before the standard serving time.


Preparation for this kind of huge event demands supplementary effort, the team started ingress the night before to be able to set up hundreds of tables and chairs. An earlier call time was imposed to staffs since the place is out of town coming from the head office in Quezon City.

(Photo 2) Three hundred round tables were set up to accommodate 3000 guests.

(Photo 3) For the centerpiece, minor details were used following the theme of the event.

Actual Event

Few hours before the actual event, staffs were already preparing hand in hand, an hour before the actual serving time everything is already all set. Head food attendants and roving chefs did the final checking of the food’s condition, while waiters are on their respective lanes of service.

(Photo 4) One of the head food attendant checking the food’s condition.

To fasten orderliness, food stubs were collected from the guests for them to able to be get themselves food. From time to time our Banquet supervisor was roaming around to check the quality of service being delivered. The buffet was open from 6 p.m to 10 p.m.

All in all the occurrence was a depiction of success as regards of the whole event experience. The occasion was concluded with a festive performance from the band Mayonaise, marking smile on guests faces.


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