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Top 4 Timeless Wedding Themes

Designs add life to wedding venues. It enhances the mood and vision of the people at your wedding reception. In a fast-paced world of event styling designs consistently come and go, in a time where every couple aim for a picture-perfect theme that even their sons and daughters will surely appreciate, in this kind of quest catering services provide options you might consider, one kind of design cut above the rest, classic designs have always been recognized.

Who wouldn’t love to go for a timeless wedding theme? However, with tons of ideas and details, deciding for the one wouldn’t be easy. A lot of considerations and what ifs will surely pop up your mind and the safest thing to do is learn and compare details.

To help you decide which is which, here are four classic designs that proved its elegance through time.

Vanilla Dream

Sleek up your wedding reception with the neutral colors of black and white in the theme, ‘Vanilla dream’. On the couple’s area stands a wrought iron handling lighted candles to set the mood, on both sides. Also, pours white orchids, white Casablanca, and white roses.

Vanilla Dream’s backdrop shouts elegance through the contrast of black and white. Little flowery details set a picture-perfect vibe. The element of balance is present as a design principle wherein both sides obtain a consistent design.

Vanilla Deam’s VIP Table, a divergent combination of black and white slays the design.  A pattern of colossal and small flower arrangement defines the center part of the table. Make them feel their importance through the presence of exquisite details.

Vanilla Dream’s details exude simplicity all over the set-up. The neutral colors used add alluring beauty and neutralized the power of every detail.

Vintage Eleganza

Stun your guests with the simplicity and elegance of this timeless theme, ‘Vintage Eleganza’. The white tulles and beige skirtings lighted by chandeliers gleam out the sweet blend of vintage and modern symphony. Plus, surrounded with white roses from across the wedlock’s area to the guest tables.

Vintage Eleganza’s backdrop aims for a classic thematic aura that suits all kind of celebration. Flowers arrangements set a refreshing vibe and give a mesmerizing detail. Candlelight style detail interprets the warmth of love.

Vintage Eleganza’s VIP Table choice of colors shouts a timeless theme. Gold combined with light colors elevates a style that never goes out of trend. The minimalist approach sets a calm but dynamic mood.

Vintage Eleganza’s details are lovely to the naked eyes. Combination of colors matches the linens. Simple yet powerful detailing used is lovely to camera lenses for more social media-worthy postings of your guests.

Gilded Rose

Get royalty with the motifs pink, white, and gold in this ‘Gilded Rose’ theme. On the backdrop is a pink skirting which falls pink cherry blossoms and on both sides are white lase cut details with cascading white orchids on top. Completing this regal experience are fresh fragrances of pink roses and stargazers from each area along with lighted candles in a crystal gold candle holder.

Gilded Rose’s Backdrop gives off an elite style. Ideal for its consistent use of pink color, the lovely combination will surely please everyone. A background that justifies every color reflects moments the couple will surely cherish.

Gilded Rose’s VIP table mix and matches of elegant colors exudes eminence. The candelabra elevate the design perfectly matched with flowers of good color choice. Colors can be customized depending on the preference, but this is how the design will probably look.

Gilded Rose’s details meet the standard of couples in quest of classy detailing for their set up. Pink flowers display grace and strength a perfect symbolism for a love that lasts a lifetime.

A Thousand Years

Patented with the colors of old rose, gold, and blush pink then, accessorized with gold resins on the center, it will surely make wedlock couples spend ‘A Thousand Years’. This homey classic surely feels like home with the accents of window panels and chandeliers on each side, plus the beautiful white orchids and gerbera.

A window to a new beginning is reflected with the graceful displays of A Thousand Years.  The symmetrical distribution of elements pleases everyone and a fascinating backdrop that invites everyone to take a snap.

 VIP Table depicts a love that will last A Thousand Years, a combination of royalty and grace eliminates the worry of boredom since the eyes will be pleased to roam around and be satisfied with this kind of set up.

A Thousand Years’ details reveal a style that goes along with the lovely unique features. The classic candlelight lit a celebration of timeless love and endless commitment.

Partaking on every significant event and milestone, a style that conquers an event will surely be one thing to be remembered. Wow your guests as they enter your reception venue through one of a kind design they never have seen before. A consistent combination of matching colors gives the thrill that the guests are expecting. Set the impact even before the event starts. Wedding only happens once so see to it that this will be a remarkable one.


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