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Party in a Box: Complete Wedding Party Set

As we weigh the value of a traditional wedding and a new normal wedding it is of the same importance but not of the same preparation and precautions. Now that we are facing our unforeseen enemy, weddings have been downgraded, limited, intimate, and discretionary between couples. Couples are given the choice of whether to push through with an intimate celebration or wait for a certain time until they can turn their plans to an ultimate one.

For couples who choose to move date their event our catering package that is primarily comprised of our affordable catering service,   prime reception venues, impressive event styling along with exciting freebies awaits you when once you book with us.

While for couples who wanted to push through their wedding by taking extra precautions, our service through Food Orders by Hizon’s Catering will be the most accessible, reliable, and complete wedding party set for you.

As we are in the state wherein mass gatherings are temporarily banned, we as part of the wedding industry for more than three decades see the significance of turning concepts into reality to make dream event possible even in the simplest but safest way once couples choose to embrace the new normal for weddings.

For our party set, we are giving convenience and hustle free experience through our complete set of party needs and designs

Our minimalist design inclusions surely blend your intimate wedding celebration.


Our “Menu Set 1” is one of our most affordable package that includes, Baked Lasagna two main courses, California Roast Chicken and Apple Braised Pork with steamed rice plus brownies for dessert.


For our “Menu Set 2,” we added up variation of our signature dishes you’ll surely love. This includes Fettuccini Carbonara, four main courses which comprise of Beef Teppanyaki, Slow Smoked Pork Barbecue, Chicken Terriyaki and Fish Fillet with Mango Salso plus rice and Peach Egg Tart for dessert. Your intimate celebration will surely be extra special with the combination of our top-selling dishes.


“Complements a true traditional Filipino wedding” we have the staple pancit that fits all occasions, especially when made at home. For the main course, we are also bringing the complete all-time Pinoy favorites which include Chicken Inasal and Lumpiang Shanghai with rice plus a conventional dessert, Leche Flan.


Our “Menu Set 4” comprised of the contemporary dishes that make up a modern-day feast this includes Spaghetti with Pesto Sauce, a complete variation for the main course, Slow Cooked US Roast Beef, Boneless Chicken Parmigiana, and Slow Smoked Pork Barbecue with steamed rice plus Blueberry cheesecake for dessert.

Our goal is to recreate your dream event in a hassle and worry-free experience in the midst of these unwanted circumstances so that you will still remember moments despite the shifted ways of new normal celebrations.

For our wedding party set inquiries please visit us on https://www.facebook.com/foodorderbyhizons

For wedding packages inquiries please visit us on https://www.facebook.com/weddingcateringbyhizons


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