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Dream Wedding Destination in Tagaytay: Calaruega Church

It has always been a privilege to get married in one of the busiest and popular churches in the comforting space of Tagaytay City, Calaruega Church. The place being serene and calm has been a famous wedding destination for couples whether residing in a nearby area or outside of the city.

Let us see and evaluate one at a time what makes this church a sought-after venue for reciting vows.

1.  Situated in an extremely tranquil area

Tagaytay has always been in the limelight when it comes to tourists destination and even event celebrations. It is a quick escape a few hours from the Metro and a perfect go-to place offering a lot of attractions whether natural such a panoramic views or man-made like cafes with overlooking features.

Parallel to that, Calaruega Church has also gained praise and attention, this church also acquires a great number of bookings any time of the year. Several couples would love to make a pledge within the confined yet beautiful space of this church.

wedding venue in Tagaytay

2. The grounds have a spiritual feel

Calaruega being situated in a remote mountainous part of the province provides the peace any couple would love to have especially on a solemn celebration like a wedding.

When you visit the place, you’ll be greeted by guest-friendly trails that lead up to the church itself. The noise just seemed to be forbidden in the place because as you walk through the place you will be left in awe and clearly admire the place without any words. This place happened to be also one of the best picks for retreats, soul searching, and revamping identities.

wedding venue in Tagaytay

3. Favorable weather and ambiance

Tagaytay has pleasant weather throughout the year, which benefits the city’s churches and event venues. People find it ideal and comfortable to celebrate under cool weather while in their suits and long dresses. It’s also easier to keep up with the positive energy that comes with calm weather.

4. Effortless panoramic view for picture taking

Calaruega Church is surrounded by breathtaking natural features that capture not only the visitors’ eyes but also their hearts. It gives the privilege for the couples to have a perfect spot for their pre and post-nuptial shoots.

In this age when people are very particular and admirable on visuals. This emphasizes the value of selecting a church that exudes effortless splendor.

wedding venue in Tagaytay5. Nearby events places

The Calaruega church is surrounded by reputable event venues. More often couples choose a distinct spot within the proximity of the well-known church to hold their events and immerse themselves together with their guests in Tagaytay City’s relaxing atmosphere.

We will take you on a quick tour of some of Tagaytay’s most beautiful and impressive wedding venues so you can start planning your next event.

1.  Club Ananda 

Club Ananda’s close proximity to Caleruega Church and Chapel on the Hill make it the perfect venue for wedding receptions and other milestones. This wedding venue features elegant architectural details and stunning designs that really noticeable especially at night.

2. The Forest Barn

Forest Barn’s great offerings include a wood barn standing in front of the genuine Tagaytay climate in the middle of greenery. An outdoor wedding venue that caters for the reception for a dream wedding event also provides a tranquil environment in a setting that nestles an exciting intimate wedding experience for couples.

3. Mahogany Place Tagaytay

Mahogany Place Tagaytay is a versatile wedding venue that incorporates the best of what Tagaytay has to offer, sitting above the ridge and boasting a perfect view showing off the breath-easy environment of the city. Mahagony Place is one of the best wedding venues that has already contributed to a lot of milestones.

Over the years, Mahogany Place has gained its purpose in offering the best of its amenities to assure that clients will find convenience courtesy of their place.

4. Affinitrees Tagaytay

The cold ridges that surround the wonderful city give Affinitrees Tagaytay a welcoming atmosphere. This wedding venue allows guests to loosen up while admiring the spectacular scenery from their balconies. In addition, the function halls at this wedding venue are intended to glam up your event by appending refinement through its elegant architecture.


5. Alta D’ Tagaytay

Alta D’ Tagaytay advantages from a dazzling panoramic view of Taal Lake, one of the biggest urban attractions. Passing through a fairly rough road along the way, this will doubtlessly be neglected once your feet touch down at this lovely location. The Alta D’ Tagaytay possesses spacious and high-ceiling function halls, including a relaxing balcony that will leave your guests lost for words.

From the ceremony to the reception, Tagaytay City provides undeniably great wedding places. While being surrounded by a cool and relaxing ambiance, you can cherish a perfect view of the area’s panoramic environs. This explains why Tagaytay City is always at the top of the list when it comes to a soon-to-wed couple’s ideal wedding location.

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